Flute Cases by Andrew Crawford - Fine Decorative Boxes


welcome to flute-cases.com – the home of beautiful flute cases

updated 04/01/2016

I’m currently working hard to update this site and will be adding many more images and much more info over the next few weeks. Please check back soon …

in the meantime:


– so come and learn how to make your own. And please subscribe to my new fine flute cases newsletter – the first one was planned for December, now early February.


new fine boxes slideshow:

Until the new site is finished please visit my brand new Slideshow on the fine-boxes website. A fair few flute cases to see, including workshop images of part-made cases and some showing the processes involved in making them. Lots else of interest too, and a few surprises!


I have decided to link all the fine-boxes network sites to my original fine-boxes guestbook.


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