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            China's answer behind 'Tianlu'

            CQNEWS.NET | Updated: 2022-10-21 15:24
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            My name is Adam. Obviously, I'm not from Chongqing, but Chongqing is my China hometown.

            I've been working here for fifteen years,?and every aspect of this city amazes me.

            Chongqing is growing to be a modern megacity,?but there are also villages hidden in the mountains, and one of those villages is called Xiazhuang.

            The villagers built the road on a cliff side. It took seven years and cost lives of six villagers during the build. What is the story behind this spectacular undertaking? I went to Xiazhuang to learn more and see with my own eyes.

            Before the road was built, there was a narrow trail. This was Xiazhuang's only access to the outside world. And it was barely a pass.

            At times, you have to use your hands and knees and scramble on cliff side with 108 turns and 1100 meters vertical elevation

            These mountains, they isolated Xiazhuang village for generations with painful levels of poverty suffered during this time.

            There are cliffs on all sides of the village and this led to numerous difficulties. Looking at the landscape, why did they decide to build the road?

            I decided to visit the inspirational heart of Xiazhuang, a 63-year-old man who was twice received by the top leader of China. He is also known as the contemporary "Yu Gong".


            This used to be our only narrow trail accessing to the outside world.

            All those who went out would take something with them to trade for salt and some washing powder.

            As you see, this old woman lived 92 years old. She experienced the 20th and 21st centuries, but never left Xiazhuang.

            We lacked food very much. We even did not have enough of three basic staples - sweet potato, potato and corn.

            After kids finished primary school and went to middle school, they had to walk for three or four hours on the mountain road to school.

            It seems that every Xiazhuang villager I have met here, they have unforgettable memory about the old road.

            Although they smiled when they talked to me, you could tell that there was pain while they looked back.

            At that time, I wanted to give up. I didn't want to continue the construction.

            Before half of the road on the cliffs was built, two villagers were lost.

            I didn't know how many lives would be lost if we had continued.

            At that time, an old man named Huang Yikun said something to us.

            Our village is so bitter and poor.

            Tens of generations have suffered from so many hard times.

            I still wish to lift our villagers out of poverty, even though my son Huang Huiyuan has died for this.

            As long as we hold on until our road is completed, we will shake off poverty.

            My goal was the benefit later generations.

            (This road) will have profound influences on our offspring.

            If we stop building the road because some people died, they would have died for nothing.

            Even though I was very sad, the road still had to be built.

            I was born and grew up in Xiazhuang.

            I was determined to built this road to benefit the next generation.

            So that Xiazhuang would be better in the future.

            Please raise your hand if you agree to build the road.

            Everyone (on the scene) stood up.

            We will do it.

            Then we must do it!

            When Mr. Mao told his story,

            I heard twenty-three years ago, on the night that determined Xiazhuang's fortune, men and women raised their hands and shouted loudly.

            Together, they decided to continue building the road.

            If the cliff determined fate, well it takes courage to change the fate.

            The courage of Xiazhuang villagers comes from their driving force for a bright future.

            So, I'm up here on the top of the "Tianlu" road.

            I'm super excited, because I will run down to Xiazhuang village.

            I decided to experience the "Tianlu" myself.

            It only took me 50 minutes to finish, but I was inspired in entire way.

            I knew the history and every step I took, it was not easy for villagers.

            "Tianlu" is not only the spirit of Xiazhuang, but it also brings real opportunities for the future.

            Many of the young people who grew and left the village, they have since returned.

            Obviously, you are very proud of your village.

            What are you most proud of?

            I am proud that the road is open now.

            Then, the villagers are having a good life.

            Now Xiazhuang is developing, and I have something to do.

            If I returned several years ago, I would only stay for a short of time, and go back to work again.

            Now we have more opportunities. I can either work in the gallery or start my own business.

            I have some opportunities.

            What is the future of tourism in Xiazhuang?

            Since the road was put into use, great changes have taken place in Xiazhuang.

            Through opening the "Tianlu", the narrow trail has become a broad road.

            In the future, more young people will continue to work here for a better future in Xiazhuang.

            Two new tourism projects have started with more to come.

            What might not have been possible in the past is coming to fruition.

            I love Xiazhuang village.

            I think it is a beautiful beautiful home to live and grow up and I think your guys are very lucky to have such beauty.

            Mr. Adam, what is your hometown like?

            Canada is very big but has no people.

            So my hometown has a lot of big farms.

            The children were really curious about the outside world, and we made a deal to go skiing together.

            I suddenly remembered the scene that I saw in the gallery.

            The parents, they built the road for the next generation, but now that younger generation is studying for the future.

            The stories of Mr. Mao and Xiazhuang are inspiring, and are worth hearing, if you get a chance to travel to Xiazhuang.

            As far as I know, such stories took place not only in Xiazhuang, and not only in Chongqing.

            I have lived in China for the past 15 years, and just like the story of "Yu Gong", rather in the villages or the cities, the people have same belief.

            Where there is a will, there is a way.

            Eliminating poverty globally, it is a challenge.

            What is taking place in Xiazhuang, Chongqing is one of the answers from China.

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