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            Delivery personnel should be lauded for making lives convenient

            The millions of people who work for courier and food delivery firms and sweat it out to make our lives more convenient as well as boost retail sales deserve respect and appreciation, writes a veteran journalist with China Daily.

            Scholz makes clear his opposition to a new Cold War

            German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will visit China on Friday with a delegation of business leaders. He is the first European Union leader to visit China since the conclusion of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which reiterated China’s policy of deepening reform, expanding high-quality opening-up and upholding peaceful development.

            Consultation, not a trade war, will settle bilateral disputes

            The trade friction between the United States and China does not signify a tipping point in the Sino-US relationship, experts have said, even though the two countries have slapped tariffs on billions of dollars of each other's goods.

            First remove the log from your own eye

            Americans are now blaming a host of social ills-stagnant wages, de-industrialization, inequality-even obesity and drug addiction-on globalization. More to the point, politicians and pundits of all stripes are blaming China. But most of the bad stuff that has happened in the US economy has little to do with globalization or China. Instead, it is caused by bad domestic economic policies followed over the last 30 years.

            'Rigid'? 'Inflexible'? China's pandemic policy is changing

            There are a lot of words you get tired of hearing when following corporate media coverage of China. "Authoritarian", "draconian", "tyrannical", I could go on. After a while you start to tune them out, as they're the kinds of thought-terminating clichés serious people tend not to use.

            Neighbors must make concerted efforts to fully embrace treaty

            Premier Li Keqiang has officially invited his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe to visit China from Thursday to Saturday. It will be the first official visit to China by a Japanese prime minister in seven years.

            Weigh pros and cons before randomly using AI technology

            AI can raise productivity and expand GDP, but it can also render non-adaptive workers jobless.

            Strikes against Syria unwarranted

            Since the outbreak of the "Arab Spring" seven years ago, much has changed in the political and security landscape in the Middle East. What has not changed is the fact that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad remains persona non grata for the United States and its allies

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